Los Angeles

TRAV is a Los Angeles based artist who has made a name for himself painting graffiti throughout the United States. He is an active member of THE SEVENTH LETTER and MAD SOCIETY KINGS artist collective. TRAV’S work documents current times in society as we evolve from the physical world and emerge into the digital space. He pays homage to the craftsmanship of an older generation while embracing current technology to produce his work. TRAV collages photographs of vintage signs and hand crafted typography that he arranges in various compositions that interact with geometric patterns. He then overlays digital gestures to represent emotion that often resemble eyes or faces. TRAV bounces between Studio, Public and commercial work cohesively by staying true to his narrative and true to himself. He believes living life on your own terms is essential to his process. His work stands somewhere between fine art and graffiti. TRAV has moved beyond the sphere of traditional graffiti to occupy a more permanent legacy.

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